Terrier Safe App

Terrier Safe App

To ensure efficient communication during emergency situations and to keep our community as informed as possible, Thomas College community members now have access to a free Terrier Safe App. Downloadable for Android and iPhone. This app is for you. We want you to be as informed as possible in a quick and accessible way. 

Here are some FAQs you may have about the Terrier Safe app: 

The app is an efficient way to be notified in the event of an emergency. It also gives you easy access to multiple resources across campus, all in one easy to access spot. 

This app is used for accessing resources and information across campus. For example, you can look for upcoming campus life events or check the dining center menu for the day.  

You can also use it to contact Safety & Security quickly for help at any point. (Our Safety & Security team is available 24/7, 7 days a week.) 

Go to your smart phone’s app store and search for “Terrier Safe”. It should look like one of the examples below. Hit "Get" or "Install". The app is absolutely free.

Apple / iOS

No. Text, email, website, and social media alerts will still be used in addition to push notifications from this app to notify you of campus closures and other announcements. 

  • Emergency alert notifications
  • Get help
  • Report a tip
  • Friend walk/drive
  • How to respond to tips
  • Safety toolbox

  • Student life event calendar
  • Support resources
  • Maps and directions
  • Athletics calendar and news
  • Campus news feed
  • Dining Center menus