Dual Enrollment & College Credits

If you’re a high school junior or senior in Maine, and you’re planning to go to college, you should know about our College Credits Now and our Dual Enrollment programs. Both our College Credits Now and the Dual Enrollment options will help you prepare for college, save money, and take on an exciting new level of academic challenge.

You can earn college credits valued at $650 per college credit and you’ll start college with those introductory courses already in the bank. The classes you take and the college credit you earn toward a Bachelor’s degree can be transferred directly to Thomas College, or to most other colleges or universities. For more details on course transfers, please contact the registrar’s office at Thomas.

To qualify, you need to be a junior or senior with a minimum GPA of 2.75 or 82.5. Courses are free, but there may be costs for books, course materials, and transportation to campus.

For more information on applying for College Credits Now at Thomas College, or for Dual Enrollment at your high school, contact Crystal Leavitt at 207-859-1362 or provost@thomas.edu .


College Credits Now

College Credits Now classes are 100- or 200-level Thomas College classes that you take right here on our campus. You’ll learn and work alongside a Thomas College professor, and have access to our Student Success Center, which offers tutoring and other academic support to give you a head start on preparing for college-level learning.

To apply to College Credits Now, fill out the application and email to Brittany Newman. Courses are open to College Credits Now students as seats are available.


Dual Enrollment

Thomas College partners with several Maine high schools to bring Thomas College to you. Like College Credits Now courses, taking these classes will earn you college credit before you graduate from high school. To find out if your school offers this program, contact your guidance office or Crystal Leavitt at 207-859-1362 or provost@thomas.edu, or consult program and resources. If you’d like to help bring Thomas College to your high school, review our handbook and contact us today.