Manageable Payments. Promises Kept.

Students and their families may qualify for different loan options to help manage costs and allow repayments over time. Our Guaranteed Tuition Program and four-year graduation rate help to ensure that you’ll graduate on time and without surprises, and our Guaranteed Job Program gives you a real advantage—you can bank on it.

Loan Options

Federal Perkins Loan

This loan is borrowed directly from Thomas College at a fixed annual interest rate of 5.0%. It does not require repayment until nine months after graduation, and it does not accrue interest while you are enrolled in college.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan

Students may qualify for this loan based on the need determined by their FAFSA information. All or a portion of the loan’s interest may be subsidized by the government while the student is in school, also depending on need. Students qualify for greater loan amounts each year that they continue at Thomas College, from $3,500 to $5,500.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan

Graduate students and parents of undergraduate students can apply for this loan to help pay for expenses not covered by other financial aid. This loan is available to borrowers whether or not they qualify for need-based financial aid, and borrowers must pass a credit check. The current fixed interest rate for this loan is 7.21%, lower than rates typically offered by private lending entities, and often with more generous terms of repayment.

Alternative and Private Loans

These loans may be obtained by families that have maxed out their Federal Stafford Loan and PLUS Loan options. It is important to research and review the terms, rates, and fees for alternative and private loans to ensure that borrowers are receiving a fair and reasonable offer.


*Students are issued financial aid awards beginning in March, and may choose to accept or decline all or part of any loans offered. Rejecting a loan does not mean that it will be replaced by grants or scholarship funds.