Business Department Faculty 

Dr.Frank Appunn
Professor of Information Technology Management
Jamie Campbell
Instructor of Accounting
Dr. Donald Cragen
Associate Professor of Sport Management
Business Department Chair
Michael Davis
Adjunct Instructor of Business Management
Joeseph Donato
Assistant Professor of Accounting
David Geller
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law
J.Peter Gilbert
Associate Professor of Accounting
M.Kay Grindall
Adjunct Instructor of Accounting
Edward Hatch
Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration
Dr. Nicholas Jewczyn
Assistant professor
Patricia Karush
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Dr. Greg King
Associate Professor of Sport Management
Dr. James Libby
Academic Dean
Professor of Business
Darlene Ratte
Adjunct Instructor of Hotel Management
Ricky Saucier
Professor of Marketing
Roberta Tibbetts
Associate Professor of Management
Richard Whitmore
Adjunct Instructor of Sports Management
Jeannine Bosse Adjunct Instructor of Management 
Corey Pelletier Adjunct Instructor of Management
Daniel Leland  Instructor of Finance
Linda Varrell Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration 
R.Bruce Kelly
Assistant Professor of Communication

Thomas College's mission is to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives, and for leadership and service in their communities

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