Dr. John Majewski

John Majewski
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: 214
Phone: 207.859.1323


Graduate Degrees:
Ph.D. in Political Science -- State University of New York, Albany
M.A. in Political Science -- Ohio University

Committees and Other Service:
Academic Affairs Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee
Graduate Affairs Committee
Institutional Management Committee
Faculty Senate
Chair, Arts & Sciences Department

Professional Organizations:
American Political Science Association (APSA)
International Studies Association (ISA)

Professional Activities:
Academic Advisory Board for Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism,
McGraw-Hall Higher Education

Research Interests:
International Relations
   Interstate conflict
   Transnational terrorism 
   Global and regional security structures
Comparative Politics
   Ethnic conflict
   Insurgency & domestic terrorism

Personal Comments:
My teaching philosophy centers on the basic belief that students learn more through doing, than by simply listening. One of the great advantages of teaching politics is that students can learn through political participation. I find teaching politics tremendously rewarding because it allows me to help students not only develop an understanding of the basic values of American civic culture but also gain a sense of how to apply what they have learned to their own pursuit of the good life.

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