Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law

David Geller

David A. Geller, Esq.
Office: 205A
Phone #: (207) 859-1334
Faculty Member Since: Aug. 1995

B.S. in Business Administration--Boston University
Juris Doctorate--New England School of Law

"Putting the 'Parens' Back into Parens Patriae: Parental Custody of Juveniles as an Alternative to Pretrial Juvenile Detention" 21:2 New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement. 509.

Teaching Philosophies:
In order for a class to be an effective forum for exchange of ideas between students and instructor, the students must view the class as a place where new ideas and questions may be put forth without hesitation. As an adjunct professor and practicing attorney, I believe that students should take an active role in the learning process and apply the subject matter to real-life situations which are presented in class. This provides a practical application of the subject matter of the class which, in turn, fosters a better understanding by the student.

Personal Comments:
The relatively small size of Thomas College lends itself to an educational experience which is not available at other schools. This intimate setting allows students and instructors to maximize interpersonal relationships. This creates an atmosphere which maximizes the educational experience for everyone involved.

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