Master of Business Administration – Human Resources Concentration (M.B.A. – H.R.)

Thomas College has been educating business leaders for more than 100 years. Offering world-class learning opportunities with a focus on individual goals, the Thomas Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management is designed specifically for business practitioners seeking advanced training in human resources. The MBA-HR is a practitioner’s degree that provides students with a strong business core and the flexibility to specialize in their unique areas of interest.

The Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management program allows students to develop skills, knowledge, and abilities in specific areas of Human Resource Management while gaining a broad-based understanding of business. The directed electives permit students to select courses that relate to their professional interests and goals. The electives are designed to reflect the Human Resource Certification Institute’s body of knowledge for the profession. Studying the core classes and the suggested electives prepares students for a career in Human Resource Management as outlined by SHRM’s curriculum guidelines.

Upon completion of the MBA-HR, students will be able to:

• Demonstrate Financial Literacy and the ability to evaluate an organization’s financial position as it impacts the decision-making process both internally and externally.
• Apply managerial and ethical concepts as well as analytical methods to organizational strategy, structure and culture.
• Assess the impact of regional, national, and global economic trends on business and society. • Apply quantitative and qualitative decision-making tools to solve business problems.
• Identify appropriate human resource management concepts and strategies and apply them to a variety of business operations.
• Find, retrieve, analyze and use information relevant to the program goals. (Information literacy demonstrated.)

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