IT Services - Student Services Offered

Labs, Clusters, and Sign-outs

Three labs are available to all students in room 126, room 225 and the library. Workstation clusters are available in the various locations and res. halls around campus. The  labs are staffed by Services Desk support staff when open. Residence hall  clusters are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for residents only. The library has a few dozen notebooks and tablets available for sign-out.


Each student receives a Windows/Network computer account ID (username) and password giving them e-mail, individual storage space, a Moodle account for online classes, a Dreamspark account for course-related Microsoft software downloads, a Google Apps account for e-portfolios and a Microsoft Office365 account.

Internet and Internet2 Access

Each student may access the Internet or Internet2 from any device registered on the Thomas College network.

Off-Campus Access

Students may access the Thomas College network from off-campus through Remote Desktop. Off campus network services include access to the Intranet, myThomas, e-mail, Moodle, networked printers, and personal network drives.


Faxes may also be sent out from our front desk for a nominal fee.

Residence Hall Room Network

Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) and wired network connections are available in all residence hall rooms with speeds up to 155Mbps. Wired connection speeds up to 1Gbps to the campus fiber optic network (1-to-10 Gbps) and up to 200Mbs speeds to the Internet and Internet2. 5Ghz wireless connections are strongly recommended over 2.4Ghz connections since 2.4Ghz interference is common in res. halls causing inconsistent wireless signals.

All students will receive network connections as part of their residential technology fee. A one-time purchase of a network (CAT 5e or higher) cable may be needed for wired connections. These cards and cables may be purchased in the Thomas campus store or any computer supplies store. For best results, we recommend not using low-cost wireless network cards. For more information, contact IT Services.

Connection instructions are also available at

Residence Hall Room Telephone

On campus VoIP ShoreTel telephones with direct inward dialing, extension dialing, caller ID, voice mail, and free local and 800 number calling are available in all res. hall rooms upon request for $75 per semester. Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, AT&T, and T-Mobile telephone connections are also available in all residence hall rooms. Sprint's network is not available in Waterville.

Residence Hall Room Cable TV

Cable television connections are provided in all residence hall rooms without a set-top box. This cable service has over 55 channels including; NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, SCIFI, TBS, Prevue, USA, ESPN, A&E, Discovery, MTV, VH-1, TNN, CNN, Headline News, TBN, The Weather Channel, QVC, TNT, CSPAN, CNBC, Lifetime, Family Channel, Nickelodeon, Home Shopping, and Great American Country. For the channel lineup, go to and enter 04901 for your zip code.

This service is provided as part of resident student's residential technology fee. Items needed are a standard cable television coax cable and either a television or a CATV-in port on your computer.

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