Future Graduates

Future graduates and former students: Student computer accounts are disabled after your last class finishes.

If you would like a free account, you are in good financial standing, and you have not been dismissed, fill out this form for IT Services with your student ID number as soon as possible. Please also read the alumni use policies for more details.

If you do not want an alumni account, please remove all files from your network folders, all email, and all email subscriptions before you receive your grades.

Google Apps accounts (used for ePortfolios) are suspended for 9 months, then deleted. Please transfer the ownership of all documents to a private Google account before your receive your grades. Instructions for transferring ownership can be found here.

Software removal policies and procedures can be found here.

Alumni may receive special pricing on various services. Please visit the Alumni myThomas for more information. If you are not given the Alumni myThomas menu after you log in, please send an email to to report this problem.

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