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Q: I'm a sophomore (or junior or senior), can I participate?

A: The Career Passport Program is open to ALL students. The steps are outlined over four years in a recommended timeline. No one will be penalized for missing events/steps. However, it is highly recommended that you go back and complete as many of the workshops and other tasks as you can, because completing the steps will benefit you and help ensure you've completed everything required by Career Services as it relates to the Guaranteed Job Agreement. *Don't forget your GPA and Financial Standing also apply to GJob eligibility*

Q: Is participation in this program required to be eligible for the Guaranteed Job Program?

A: No. The Career Passport Program is intended  to assist you in tracking your career development and encourage you to participate in programs that benefit you, preparing you for success after graduation. The steps that make you eligible for the Guaranteed Job Program related to Career Services are included in the Passport Program, but participation in the program is not a requirement for GJob.

Q: What if I lose my passport?

A: Each time you complete a step and receive a stamp in your passport, we will also enter the information into a spreadsheet. We will be able to issue you a new passport with the appropriate stamps.

Q: I attended a workshop, but forgot to bring my passport to be stamped.

A: There is a sign in sheet at all the Career Services workshops. If you sign in, the information is entered in the spreadsheet and you can stop by Career Services at a later time for your stamp.

Q: What prizes can I earn?

A: The prizes are "Surprizes"! Everyone who participates will receive something, and  those actively participating by receiving 3 or more stamps a year will be entered into a drawing for larger prizes.


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