Writing a great cover letter

Remember that your cover letter is usually the first thing an employer sees from you, so making a great first impression is important. Most employers who read cover letters are looking at it as an example of your communications skills. They want to see that you have good writing mechanics and the ability to convey your meaning clearly and concisely

Don't forget to:

1. Use standard business letter format. This is not the time to express your individuality. See examples of good, bad, horrible, and great cover letters using the links below.

2. Check your spelling and grammar, and then have the computer check spelling and grammar, and then have another person check it as well!

3. Many people are so eager to tell the prospective employer how wonderful they are that they start every sentence with "I"or "My". Mix up your word usage and sentence structure to keep them interested.

4. Be brief. Use only necessary description. Avoid "storytelling" with lots of details and narrative.

5. Be memorable, but in a good way. Highlight a skill or accomplishment you can bring to the organization.

Other helpful tips are available at:

Examples of cover letters

As you look at these letter samples, watch for a few common themes. Notice also how each writer created his or her own letterhead that adds a touch of professionalism.
An excellent cover letter:

Has a strong leading paragraph.

Is written in terms of what the employers' needs are (not your own needs).

Highlights what value you bring to the organization.

Has a variety of sentence structures with each sentence flowing smoothly into the next.

Examples of bad cover letters with tips on how to make a cover letter better:

Click Here for "10 Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid"

Click Here for "Avoid These 7 Killer Cover Letter Mistakes"

Standard Business Letter Format example:

Click Here to see an example of the correct format for a business letter

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