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Fall 2014 Schedule

Courses begin the week of September 2nd and conclude on November 24th. If you need guidance with registering for courses, please contact Cathy Howe, Curriculum Cordinator at 859-1102.  *Denotes hybrid classes


AC223 Intermediate Accounting I - Joe Donato

This course is designed to provide the student with a broad foundation for external financial accounting and reporting. Emphasis is placed on both generally accepted accounting principles and the relationship between balance sheet valuations and income determination. The course integrates accounting, corporate finance and economics to reflect how business transactions. Cash flows and earnings are emphasized to better understand and interpret the effect on a firms future prospects. Various topics including financial statement analysis, valuation, cash receivables, inventories and time-value of money are studied.. 

CO245 Public Speaking - Stephen Moro

This course is designed to help the student develop the ability to prepare and deliver effective speeches and presentations. The course covers both the knowledge required to plan and organize a speech and the interpersonal delivery techniques necessary to overcome nervousness and achieve maximum impact. Informative, persuasive, and commemorative or entertaining speeches are given, and some sections also include scenes from plays.


EH111 Composition I - Rob Robilliard

Composition I students explore topics of interest as they improve their writing style and master techniques of organization, development and coherence. Much emphasis is placed on usage, word choice, sentence writing and tone. In addition, students are provided with methods for improving their reading comprehension, especially their understanding of implied meanings.


AC111 - Kay Grindall

This introductory class is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamental theory and principles of accounting. It introduces the student to the accounting cycle, financial statement preparation, and the valuation of assets. Emphasis is placed on the decisional aspects of accounting.

MS120 Foundations of Quantitative Analysis - Andres Morales

This project-based course asks students to review fractions, decimals, word problems, linear functions (creating, graphing, and interpreting) and other mathematical concepts typically encountered in everyday life. Students will also apply basic concepts of algebra in the context of spreadsheet modeling. Most problems will require students to obtain real data from Internet sources and to use that data to address real applied problems.


EC211 Microeconomics - Eric Kruger

This course examines the economic theories and practices of the individual market structures. Topics discussed are a review of the basic economic concepts, product pricing and resource allocation in the product market, factor pricing and income distribution in the resource market, and the effects of public policy on market structures.

ED122 Foundations of Education - Connie Ronco

This course examines the philosophical, historical, and legal aspects of education. Topics include the role of public education, school-system philosophy, and the social trends that impact upon modern education.

SY318 Contemporary Social Issues - Ann Marie Simone

This course examines the causes and consequences of two types of social problems: those involving deviant behavior, such as drug and alcohol abuse, delinquency and crime, mental disorders, and prostitution; and those generated more directly by the social structure itself , such as ethnic prejudice and discrimination, aging, sex roles, and urban and rural poverty.


ED215 Children's Literature -- LeeAnn Larsen

This course familiarizes students with the trade literature written for juvenile readers. Students learn to evaluate children's texts, employ literature-centered approaches to reading, and recognize developmental readiness and interest levels for text selection. * On campus classes: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 9/6, 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/22


EH221 Introduction to Literature - Rod Robilliard

This course introduces three basic types of literature: fiction, drama and poetry. The course helps students develop an appreciation for literature with the aim of preparing them to read and enjoy a variety of literary works throughout their adult lives. A wide range of authors and time periods is examined.

MG434 Leadership - Pat Karush

This course examines the nature of leadership in organizations. Different styles of leadership are explored. A variety of readings allow students to discover both traditional and contemporary theories of leadership. Models may change year-to-year to include a number of classic and contemporary theorists. Through case studies students investigate and analyze how leaders exert influence in significant decision-making situations. 

MG442 Business Ethics - Pat Karush

This course examines business decisions and the roles businesses play in society from ethical, legal, psychological, and social perspectives. Special emphasis is placed on the ethical dilemmas faced by middle managers.

MK116 Principles of Marketing - Donald Cragen

This course provides students with an introduction to the role of marketing and the process involved in developing a marketing mix for a new product. Topics covered include marketing functions, product development, channels of distribution, market segmentation, pricing policies, product life cycle, and promotional activities. Students will complete a project developing a product that incorporates the marketing mix.

PY225 Development Psychology - Brian Welsh

This course explores our physical, cognitive, moral and psychosocial development throughout the life span from prenatal development through adulthood. At each stage, we seek to understand the developmental tasks and abilities, as well as challenges and problems. The course will focus on practical applications for parenting, teaching, and working with people of all ages in business and in relationships.

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