Summer II 2014 Online Graduate Courses

Courses begin July 7th, and continue through August 28th. All courses are 100% online.

HR568 Managerial and Organizational Ethics - Pat Karush    

This course examines the ethical issues individuals face in organizational and managerial settings. Questions of economic policy and business practices intertwine with ethical, moral, legal, social, and psychological issues. Emphasis is placed on dealing with ethical dilemmas.

MG556 Contemporary Management Problems - Donald Cragen

Students analyze and present cases involving broad management problems in a contemporary setting from the view of the top management.

MK553 Global Perspectives in Marketing - Donald Cragen

Through the use of videotapes, case studies and discussion, students examine the political, economic, educational, and socio-cultural factors that serve as catalysts for the development of global markets. Additional topics covered include market-entry strategies, international marketing research, advertising and promotion in foreign markets, and distribution channels. Prerequisite: MK551

HR563 Labor Relations - John Lemire

Students are exposed to the principles and techniques of collective bargaining. Topics include references to national and state statutes and cases of precedential value, preparation for bargaining, scope of the bargaining process, use of impasse procedures, unfair labor practices, and the role of the grievance procedure under a collective bargaining agreement. 

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