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SUMMER II 2014 Schedule

These courses are 100% online, July 7th through August 28th

AC111 Principles of Accounting I - Joe Donato

This introductory course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamental theory and principles of accounting. It introduces the student to the accounting cycle, financial statement preparation, and the valuation of assets. Emphasis is placed on the decisional aspects of accounting.

LS327 Business Law - Stacy Stitham

This course introduces students to legal issues likely to be encountered in the business world. Topics include torts, contracts, agency, partnerships, corporations, property, commercial paper, and secured transactions.

MG224 Management Principles - Roberta Tibbetts

This is an introductory course designed to provide the student with a strong foundation in the four functions of management - planning, organizating, leading and controlling. The focus of the course is to familiarize the student with the terminology and concepts of management. Through discussions and class activities, students will have the opportunity to exmain and apply, when appropriate, various theories and concepts about managing effectively in this rapidly changing, globally competitive environment.

MG325 Diversity Management - Donald Cragen

This course  examines the challenges of managing an increasingly diverse workforce. Emphasizing the various dimensions of diversity, cultural aspects that need understanding, and the special skills necessary for managers to work effectively with others different than themselves. Topics include working with persons with various disabilities, racial and gender considerations, and legal implications in an increasingly diverse workplace.

MG348 - Leadership in the Movies - Pat Karush

This course is concerned with the changing face of leadership in today's organizations. This course will explore leadership styles in a variety of settings and with different follower groups. A variety of films and case studies will be utilized to illustrate the material. The text is a short book of theory, with 10 cases attached. This course can be substituted for MG434.

MK116 Principles of Marketing - Rick Saucier

This course  provides students with an introduction to the role of marketing and the process involved in developing a marketing mix for a new product. Topics covered include marketing functions, product development, channels of distribution, market segmentation, pricing policies, product life cycle and promotional activities.

HR330/LS330 - Law of the Work Place - John Lemire

This course explores the very complex environment of legislation that protects employee interests in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on the development of workplace-related legislation and organizational management geared to minimizing litigation. Topics include age discrimination, sexual harassment, the American with Disabilities Act, discrimination based upon sexual orientation, racial discrimination, and legislation affecting minimum wage and working conditions.

MS301 Statistical Inference and Decision Making - Andres Morales

This is a survey  course in applied statistical and analysis using both spreadsheets and a professional level statistical software package (such as Minitab or SPSS). Topics include analytical and graphical methods of collecting, summarizing and describing data; basic probability laws, rules and types; statistical inference, interval estimation, techniques for comparing two or more populations and models for prediction. This course emphasizes applications and interpretation of statistical results.

PH201 Philosophy - Ann Marie Simone

This course includes review and analysis of principle ideas in western philosophy and the impact of those ideas on contemporary thinking in the study of nature and human nature, political and social theory, art, theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, and moral philosophy. Students are introduced to critical and analytical methods in order to distinguish between what a person thinks and how a person thinks.

PS111 Introduction to Political Science - Stefano Tijerina

An overview of the basic principles, terminology and methods used to study politics in the United States and around the world. This course also will introduce students to international politics, political thought, and the decision-making process. 

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