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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Political Science is a vital and adaptable field of study which prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including those in government, law, non-profit organizations, journalism, research, teaching, and work at the public-private interface. Students graduating with a degree in Political Science have a broad knowledge of political phenomena and are characterized by their excellent skills in research, analysis and communication. Political Science requires the development of strong critical thinking skills because a fundamental principle of the discipline is the recognition of the multiple perspectives present on any issue. More broadly, the study of Political Science gives individuals the knowledge and motivation to serve as civic leaders and engaged members of their communities.

Political Science majors can choose standard track of study, or one of three career-focused specialization tracks – policy studies, security studies, or public administration – which will allow students to demonstrate a clear preparation for a specific professional goal. Our optional Washington, D.C. internship program and seminar work give our students real-world experience on a national scale.

The program also prepares those students who wish to go on to graduate school for an advanced degree in Political Science or to continue their professional studies in such areas as law or public administration.

The Political Science program is designed to emphasize the following objectives:

  • To increase substantive knowledge of different political systems, including variations in political behavior, institutions, processes, and types of political culture.
  • To develop methodological skills needed to conduct empirical research, interpret data, and form individual conclusions.
  • To develop critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • To communicate effectively in both written and verbal form, and to construct persuasive arguments using logic and evidence.
  • To develop a normative framework for assessing government policy and political phenomena.
  • To foster a commitment to democratic citizenship.

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