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 On January 28, Thomas hosted its first Criminal Justice Panel. Panelists from all different criminal justice agencies talked about their career paths and experiences to over 100 students and alumni.
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Hall of Flags Welcomes Spain!
 On January 23, Thomas added the Spanish flag to its Hall of Flags in a ceremony that celebrated the heritage of graduate student Javier Abascal Carrasco M.B.A. '14.
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Campus Events


Mid-Maine Chamber
Business Breakfast


February 13, 7:15 a.m.
Summit Room, Spann Student Commons
Computer & Information Security: Protecting Small Business
Dr. Frank Appunn, professor of Business and Information Technology Management at Thomas College, will identify specific protections for small businesses that provide significantly improved defenses without significant costs. The content will build on formal studies among small businesses in the U.S. during 2013 and provide practical solutions relevant to Maine.
Frozen Fenway!                

Liz Anderson '17, Carlos Cardona '17, and Jess Rouleau '15 at

Frozen Fenway 

On Saturday, January 11, Thomas College Student Affairs Department took a sold-out bus trip to experience Frozen Fenway in Boston. The day included a double header on the regulation size ice rink in Fenway Park. The first game was a match between UMass Lowell and Northeastern University. The second game of the day matched up the University of Maine against rival Boston University. Despite the ice and rain, students enjoyed the day.


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Happy New Year!


Brrr - what a winter! Even with the plummeting temperatures, campus has been a flurry of activity. Construction is moving forward on both the Harold Alfond Academic Center and the new residence hall, with changes visible every day. You can check out the progress in the photos below.


Students have been busy since returning after break with trips to Boston, volunteering, and networking at the first Criminal Justice Panel and alumni gathering at Thomas.


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Criminal Justice Panel

On Tuesday, January 28, Thomas College hosted a Criminal Justice Panel event which featured a wide array of prominent members of the criminal justice community. The event was coordinated by Thomas's Career Services Department and professors within the Criminal Justice major. The intent was to connect students and alumni looking for careers in the criminal justice field with professionals who are already established. The panel of guests was moderated by Waterville's own Chief of Police, Joseph Massey.

Vice President of Advancement Bob Moore '79 introduces the panelists. (L to R): Waterville Police Chief Joe Massey; Major General Bill Libby; Maine Game Warden & member of North Woods Law Troy Thibodeau; Jason Madore, Maine State Police; Director of Surveillance at Hollywood Casinos Antonio Perez; Saco Police Department Officer Autumn Clifford '11; Thomas College Public Safety Director Jason LaVerdiere; and, FBI agent Cameron Mizell.

Not pictured here, Jesse Peasley '12.

Many diverse fields within the criminal justice community were represented: casino surveillance (Antonio Perez); military (Maj. Gen. Bill Libby); state police (Jason Madore); local police (Joseph Massey, Autumn Clifford '11, and Jesse Peasley '12); and, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Cameron Mizell. In addition, the private-security industry was represented by Thomas College Public Safety's own Jason LaVerdiere.


Perhaps the most anticipated guest, though, was Troy Thibodeau, a Maine State Game Warden and cast member of the hit TV show North Woods Law. Thibodeau spoke about how the benefits of his job go beyond just the truck, ATV, and snowmobile. Nearly every panelist confirmed this by highlighting in one way or another that their purpose was not just to catch bad guys, but, more importantly, to help and protect the good, everyday citizens. One of the more sentimental remarks made during the event was by Thomas's LaVerdiere who noted, "The most appealing and rewarding aspect of his jobs, prior and present, has been getting to know the people I serve."

Jason LaVerdiere speaks to the crowd of over 100 students and alumni about his career path and job responsibilities.

The audience was thoroughly engaged, demonstrated by the lengthy question and answer session after all the panelists finished speaking. The first question of the night was posed by a female student to Autumn Clifford '11 of the Saco Police Department; she asked, "How hard is it to get into the Police Department, being a woman?" Clifford quickly responded, "It is no harder than being a man... It is all about command presence... Don't be intimidated easily." She went on to say that law enforcement needs diversity and wants diversity. Trooper Madore humorously added, "There are some females [in the Maine State Troopers] that I would never want to get on the mat with," highlighting the ability for women to be just as physically capable as men.


After the audience's questions had been answered, the formality of the panel broke, giving both the audience and the panelists a chance to network over refreshments. Bob Moore '79, Vice President of Advancement, closed out the event by remarking on how impressive both the panelists' insight and the audience engagement turned out to be.


Catching up with Fulbright Scholar
Deepika Papneja

Thomas College is honored to host Deepika Papneja as its first Fulbright Scholar. Deepika is here from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi, India, where her research interests include Gender and Feminist Studies, Gender and Schooling, Sociology of Education, and Social Science Education. At Thomas, Deepika is teaching classes and sharing her experiences with the Thomas community. We had an opportunity to catch up with Deepika and talk to her about her time at Thomas. 


Q: Has the experience as a Fulbright Scholar met your expectations?

A: This opportunity has been so much more than I could have expected.  Last semester, I have visited Thomas student-teachers at a local school every week with Dr. Phil McPhee. Between watching the learning styles of the seasoned teachers and watching the young students grow, I can say I have experienced quite a bit in the classroom. It has given me the opportunity to compare and contrast the different learning and teaching styles from here and in India. It has also allowed me to get to know my Thomas students outside of the classroom. Some students who might be reserved in class are completely different out in the field. They are extremely motivated and really care about the children they are teaching. I have also met many Thomas alumni at the schools we have visited. It is a sense of comfort knowing that they are out there teaching the next generation. I have also found a great friend in Phil.


For more of our interview with Deepika, click here.

CA$H Coalition  


Thomas College once again shows its devotion to community by participating in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program with Central Maine CA$H Coalition and United Way. The program allows individuals or families with a total household income of $52,000 or less in 2013 to receive FREE tax-filing assistance from trained volunteers.

For many Maine families, paying their taxes is hard enough, and the idea of paying someone else to file their taxes - so they can get their entitled refund - is just devastating. By offering free tax clinics, struggling Maine families can save a little more of their crucial, hard-earned money. 


Thomas, again this year, has representatives volunteering to help. About ten Terriers, plus other Thomas staff and faculty, received tax-assistance training during two separate events held on January 11 and 18. By volunteering, the students not only get the rewarding experience of helping others, but they can also fulfill volunteer hours stipulated by Thomas's unique Guaranteed Job Placement program.


Professor Joe Donato commented on both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of involvement in the program, "It is a great way for students to learn something new and to give back to the local community, in which we are all a part of." Not only is the volunteer aspect of this experience attractive to employers, but according to Assistant Director of Career Services Diane Anderson, "Many accounting firms value the fact that the students have some tax experience and especially like to see the client-interaction experience they gain." Thus, the program allows students a great rÃ��Ã�©sumÃ��Ã�©-building opportunity.


Opportunity-snatchers from the Thomas community include Kathleen Baldinelli '15, Ryan DuBois '14, M.B.A. '15, Addison Dunn '15, M.B.A. '16, Kady Esty '14, M.B.A. '15, Lindsy Hoopingarner '16, Aron MacLean '17, M.B.A. '18, Dalton Myers '15, Jeri Newman '14, M.B.A. '15, Carmin Pacileo '14, M.B.A. '15, and Marcus Pratt '14, M.B.A. '15. The gracious volunteers will be helping out in one or more of the many clinics being held between January 30 and March 13. The clinics will be available in three area towns: Skowhegan, Winslow, and Waterville. 


Tax preparation is available through the United Way of Mid-Maine office. Must qualify to participate.



Moving Right Along!


Despite the frigid temperatures, construction of the Harold Alfond Academic Center (top) and Thomas's new residence hall (bottom) is progressing beautifully. Both facilities are scheduled to open in August 2014. 




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