Telephone Questions



What telephone services are available to residents?


Faxes may be sent out from our front desk for a nominal fee.

Residence Hall Room Network

Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) and wired network connections are available in all residence hall rooms with speeds up to 155Mbps. Wired connection speeds up to 1Gbps to the campus fiber optic network (1-to-10 Gbps) and up to 300Mbs speeds to the Internet and Internet2. 5Ghz wireless connections are strongly recommended over 2.4Ghz connections since 2.4Ghz interference is common in res. halls causing inconsistent wireless signals.

All rooms have wired network connections as part of the student residential technology fee. A one-time purchase of a network (CAT 5e or higher) cable may be needed for wired connections.

Connection instructions are also available at

Residence Hall Room Telephone

On campus VoIP ShoreTel telephones with direct inward dialing, extension dialing, caller ID, voice mail, and free local and 800 number calling are available in all res. hall rooms upon request for $75 per semester. Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, AT&T, and T-Mobile telephone connections are also available in all residence hall rooms. Sprint’s network is not available in Waterville.

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How do I use my phone?

How do I use a Model 115 phone?

How do I use a Model 230 phone?

How do I use a Model 265 phone?

How do I use a Model 420 phone?

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How do I use ShoreTel Communicator/Office Anywhere?

Using ShoreTel Communicator / Office Anywhere

Office Anywhere is a feature of the ShoreTel system that allows a user to quickly and easily re-assign his or her extension to any telephone on the system or off the system. The user’s communications profile is reassigned to that telephone, and calls placed to the user will be routed to that telephone, while calls placed from that telephone will reflect proper caller ID information.

To set up your home telephone to be used as your extension when placing and receiving calls:

  1. Remote Desktop into terminal server AcadTS and AdminTS
  2. Start ShoreTel Communicator
    Server Name: T15
    Enter your Windows or Voice Mail username and password
  3. Go to the Circle, External Assignment, Configure Office Anywhere
  4. Check Enable Office Anywhere
  5. Choose (or enter) your off-campus phone number
  6. Choose OK

For incoming calls: also go to Options, Configure Call Handling and set Edit Destination to 4 or more rings. 3 is too low to give you time to answer off-campus).

For outgoing calls: Choose Dial, Enter the number to dial, then click on Make Call. It grabs a line from the ShoreTel phone system and rings the telephone at your location. You pick it up and you have the call.

Also see, the ShoreTel Communicator User Guide.

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How do I use my Windows desktop/laptop as a phone?

Using ShoreTel Soft Phone

To use your Windows desktop/laptop as a phone, you must have a ShoreTel soft phone license assigned to your extension. (See Chris Rhoda, cost is about $95)

  1. To use, start ShoreTel Communicator
    Server Name: T15
    Enter your Windows or Voice Mail username and password
  2. Go to the Circle, Extension Assignment, Select Soft Phone (instead of Primary Phone)
  3. Choose OK

To place outgoing calls: Choose Dail, Enter the number to dail, then click on Make Call.

Also see, the ShoreTel Communicator User Manual.

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How do I allow my extension to go to more than just my ShoreTel phone?

Additional Phones Feature in ShoreTel Communicator

This feature allows you to specify a 10 digit off-campus number that rings anytime your ShoreTel phone rings. When you answer either the ShoreTel phone or your additional phone, the other phone stops ringing.

To enable this capability:

  1. Go to the College Portal page
  2. Click on ShoreTel Communicator
  3. Log in
  4. Choose Primary Phone
  5. Configure Extension Assignment
  6. Choose Additional Phones
    If your second phone is not listed;
    Enter a label (like Cell Phone) and the 10 digit phone number (like 2075551111) at the bottom
    Choose Add
  7. In the First Phone field (at the top), choose your phone label or number
  8. Go to Standard Mode (under Call Handling Mode) and make sure Enable Calling Additional Phones is checked
  9. Choose Save
  10. Try it by having someone call your extension

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How Do I re-route incoming no caller ID calls?

Re-Route No-Caller ID Calls

If you want to screen blocked caller ID incoming calls on our phone system, please do the following:

  1. Start ShoreTel Communicator client (web client does not have this)
  2. Choose Standard, Configure Call Handling
  3. Choose Personalized Call Handling
  4. Choose New Rule
  5. Choose Phone Number Match
  6. Add Out of Area / Unknown and Private, then choose OK
  7. Choose Next
  8. Choose Forward Call to Voicemail
  9. Choose Next
  10. Enter Rule Name (example: No Caller ID)
  11. Choose Finish
  12. Choose OK

Calls coming into your phone that are Out of Area, Unknown or Private will now go directly to voice-mail.