Microsoft DreamSpark

The Microsoft DreamSpark Premium is an annual membership program for technical academic departments in the area of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems. At Thomas this covers all Departments (Day and Evening, Undergraduate and Graduate). As a member, Thomas College receives a DreamSpark subscription that includes Microsoft platform, servers and developer tools software (FMI). This software may be installed on any number of departmental lab machines. The software must be used for instructional and research purposes; it may not be used to run the infrastructure of the department. In addition, the department’s faculty and students may download the software to install on their personal computers.

The program has two primary goals: 1) to make it easier and less expensive for faculty and students to obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes and 2) to build a community of instructors who can share curriculum and other learning resources to support the use of these technologies.

  • Software available for download or DVD purchase through the DreamSpark Software Center.
  • Microsoft Visio Professional
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2 and other Microsoft operating systems
  • Enterprise Servers: Windows servers, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Configuration Management Server, Sharepoint, and several others
  • Software development kits (SDKs), betas, new releases, and updates
  • Development tools for Windows Mobile
  • Several other Microsoft applications (accounting, mapping, robotics, gaming, etc.)

Activation product keys for most products can be obtained from the DreamSpark web site. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office 2013 (not part of DreamSpark), and Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac can be purchased online through the “On the Hub” online store per our Microsoft Campus Agreement.

ISO file downloads:
Your DreamSpark software download may result in the download of an ISO file. This ia an image of an original installation CD or DVD. Instructions for opening an ISO file.

Discounted Microsoft certification exams:

  • Only $60 per 072 exam – that’s over 50% off commercial testing prices
  • Second Shot (free retakes on all 072 exams)

This DreamSpark membership does not provide at-home technical support, but you may purchase that service from Microsoft if you wish.

For more information, visit the DreamSpark site.