New Resident Students

The 2017-2018 Housing Agreement is now available online. All incoming students must complete a paper Housing Agreement.  Please print and mail your completed Agreement to:

Thomas College Office of Student Affairs 180 West River Road Waterville, ME 04901

Once you have been accepted into Thomas College and have paid the Housing Deposit to Student Financial Services, your residential status will be activated.  Placement of new students will begin immediately following the summer pre-registration day in June and letters will be sent to your home address on file with your placement and roommate information along with your mailbox assignment for the upcoming year.  Your date of the Housing Deposit is an important factor considered when filling housing requests.

In order to expedite this process, please fill out a Lifestyle Questionnaire as soon as possible so that we can work to best match you with a roommate and in a residential area that best meets your needs.  If you know of another student you would like to live with, please fill this form out in its entirety – you can enter the person’s name that you would like to live with on this form.  We do our best to accommodate requests; however, all requests cannot be guaranteed.  Please keep in mind that in order for us to match you with a requested roommate, both students need to request each other on the Lifestyle Questionnaire.  All placements are final and we make every attempt to minimize changes after information is sent to students.  If there are changes that need to be made, you will be notified via e-mail or phone (depending on the timing in relation to residences opening).

First year students are placed in either Grant, Parks, Heath or Hinman Residence Halls.  Students who are transferring with 30 or more credits will be placed in upper-class residences (Bartlett, Village, Townhouse or Grant, Parks and Heath Residences) as space is available.

Housing To-Do List:

  • After being accepted to Thomas, pay your Housing Deposit with the Student Financial Aid Office.
  • Fill out the online Lifestyle Questionnaire as soon as possible.
  • Print out and sign the Housing Agreement and mail it back to campus at the address listed above.
  • Start reviewing the list of items to bring and to leave at home (please note: fridges UP TO 2.7 cubic feet are permitted in the residences. Please do not pack any fridge larger than this size).
  • Get ready for the June Pre-Registration Orientation and check in with the Residential Life staff that afternoon to be sure you have all of your paperwork in and completely filled out.
  • Sit back and relax – your housing assignment letters will be on their way to you shortly after the June Pre-Registration Orientation (this letter will include your housing assignment, roommate information and mailbox information).
  • Contact your new roommate – give them a call or send them a letter.  Don’t rely on Facebook or other social media sites to “meet” your new roommate – this person may just be your new friend for life!
  • Start packing – Your first semester at Thomas will be here before you know it!

Important Information and Links:

We need to have two forms on file from you as soon as possible to help expedite the placement process.  Please be sure to print out and mail in your signed 2017-2018 Housing Agreement and fill out the online Lifestyle Questionnaire so we can best match you with a roommate.

For more information about Residential Life and Housing, call Hannah Gladstone, Dean of Students at (207) 859-1216 or via e-mail to

Theme Housing

At Thomas College, you can request to live on a residence hall floor organized around a theme, known as “Theme Housing”. Theme Housing gives you a chance to connect with and learn alongside people who share your same interests. The theme floor is located in the Parks Hall residences, co-ed and open to residents of all academic years.

Indoor Adventure and Gaming Floor:

Location: Parks Second Floor

The Indoor Adventure community focuses on the common interests of video gaming, other gaming, anime and comics. It will bring together students who want to share these passions with others in a supportive community that helps to establish a healthy balance between the virtual world and real world responsibilities (e.g., academics and personal connections). Residents of this community will have the opportunity (not required) to network with the on-campus organization Thomas College Gaming Club. This is an interactive community for those students who enjoy adventure, mystery, and quest and is open to casual and serious gamers alike from all academic disciplines.

Along with a variety of programming for residents of this community focused around the theme, at least one larger gaming/adventure like program or opportunity will be offered each semester based on student interest.