Co-Curricular Transcript

Mission Statement

“The Co-Curricular Program strives to create diverse opportunities that engage students in the integration of knowledge in and out of the classroom.  Co-Curricular Programs encourage the active participation of students in the development of leadership skills, personal responsibility, and social awareness, which celebrates individuality and the connection to the community.”

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)?

A CCT is a record of your out-of-class engagement and involvement that helps to complement your academic pursuits.  A CCT includes experiences that are not-for-credit and that occur as part of the Thomas College sponsored activities and programs.  Involvement in programs external to Thomas or for academic credit would not be eligible for inclusion on the CCT.

Why use a CCT?

A CCT promotes learning that occurs outside the classroom and helps you to become a well-rounded individual.  A CCT also helps to support your career development and the Guaranteed Job Program by reinforcing skills that future employers desire in their employees.

CCT Student Development Areas

  1. Leadership (ie: paraprofessional roles, elected /appointed positions, campus committee representative, student senate)
  2. Community Service (campus sponsored community service or volunteer opportunities)
  3. Clubs/Organizations/Sports (active participation for at least one-semester in an on-campus group/team)
  4. Diversity Awareness (ie: participation or involvement in specific awareness programs or outreach)
  5. Educational Workshops/Seminars/Trainings (ie: personal and professional development, residence hall and campus programs)
  6. Honors/Awards (ie: academic/leadership/athletic recognition, honor society)

To learn more, check out the brochure.

For questions or to request a Co-Curricular Transcript, contact:

Lisa Desautels-Poliquin
Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs, Room AD-127