Student Financial Services

Thomas College offers a comprehensive program of financial assistance to students with academic promise who have demonstrated financial need.  In all cases, an award from the college supplements, and does not replace, the funds available to students from their own and their family’s resources.  The college tailors its assistance programs to meet the needs of each individual student.

Each year Thomas awards scholarships and grants from its own resources.  The college also participates with the federal and state government in their financial aid programs.




Are you frustrated with the loan process, understanding the terms and conditions, and trying to calculate your potential loan payment after graduation?  Are you concerned about paying your semester tuition balance at Thomas College?  Do you just want to have better money management skills and more control over your budget?  Are you having difficulties finding scholarship funding or want to get a head start on searching for a career?

Thomas College and ASA have combined forces, thanks to the Finance Authority of Maine,  to give you free access to SALT to assist you in becoming financially healthy!

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