Health, Wellness, & Safety

In an emergency, dial campus security from any campus phone at extension 399. Off campus or from a cell phone, call 207-859-1399.

Your Health, Wellness, and Safety Matter.

Thomas College has two important offices located in GPH Residence Hall: The Health Center, and the Public Safety Office. Knowing about these resources and what they offer will help to keep you safe and well while you’re attending Thomas College. Students have active key cards and may visit our offices on the first floor of Grant Hall.


The Public Safety Office

Led by Chief of Public Safety Jason LaVerdiere, our Public Safety Office patrols campus and residence halls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This non-deputized service helps to keep everyone in our community safe and secure by responding to calls, identifying and minimizing issues that may concern community members, and developing emergency preparedness plans and protocols.

The Office also oversees parking permits and snow removal requirements.

Our campus safety report offers more information about Thomas College. We do everything possible to keep our students, staff, and community members safe. Our trained security patrols, key card systems for residence halls and other buildings after hours, and blue-light emergency phones help to make this possible.


The Health Center

The Thomas College Health Center is staffed by a full-time Nurse Practitioner and a College physician who is available by appointment for a limited time two days a week. There is also a mental health LCSW counselor on campus. We are available to help students with physical, psychological, and preventative care needs. We provide treatment services for the acute care of common medical problems, follow-up care, and referrals. Health education and preventative health programs are sponsored throughout the year. The Health Center is available to both residential and commuter students. So we can provide the appropriate care, please be sure your health forms are on file with us.

The Health Center helps to educate the campus community about health and healthy lifestyles, and offers on-campus services including:

  • Acute care for common illnesses/injuries
  • Allergy injections
  • Dietary consultations
  • Follow-up care for illness/injury
  • Monitoring of chronic illness
  • Testing for pregnancy, STI’s, and UTI’s
  • Women’s health issues/clinics

Students must provide Thomas College with a complete medical history, physical exam and immunization forms before beginning classes. We offer insurance for students who are not already covered by another policy. For more information, contact us at 207-859-1401 or


Annual Reports

Annual Campus Safety and Security Survey
Annual Fire Safety Report