EDGE program

Ready to Gain an EDGE on College?

EDGE is an opportunity for you to make the most of your Thomas College experience—from start to finish, and beyond. This free program will give you the tools you need to tackle your academic coursework, manage the transition into your new life as a college student, start planning your major, prepare for internship and career opportunities, and much more.

The program kicks off with a one-week intensive program, including a three-credit EDGE college class that will count toward graduation requirements and introduce you to what the Thomas academic experience is all about. You’ll even receive $250 toward your books for your first fall semester after you successfully complete this class.

During the school year, EDGE will be an important source of support. We’ll help you to manage your time, set goals, learn the ropes, and take on new challenges through Connect Program activities and management workshops. You’ll get one-on-one Academic Coaching through the Student Success Center that will help you to stay on track in classes, take advantage of resources at Thomas, and overcome obstacles to learning. After a successful first semester in the EDGE Program, we’ll even pick up another $500 of books at the Thomas bookstore for your spring classes.

Enrollment in EDGE is limited, so we strongly suggest that you apply early for this opportunity.

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