Merrills Detector Dog Services at Thomas College

Monday, Dec. 7, 2015
Service Dog - Thomas College

Sarah Maffei ‘14 visited a canine detection class on campus last week with four of her firm’s black labs and demonstrated how she and the dogs search for explosives, drugs and bed bugs. Maffei is a certified canine detection handler and trainer for Merrills Detector Dog Services in Readfield, ME.

Two years after graduating, Maffei has already worked her way up to Program Manager and is taking classes for a Master’s in Criminal Justice. She travels to North Carolina to search the cargo arriving at piers and to Florida to search the courts for Miami Heat games. Maffei credits her success in part to Thomas’s flexibility with internships. Otherwise, she might not have found her love for dog handling and training. She hopes to have two Thomas students intern at Merrills this year.


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