Peter Gleason Ph. D.

Professor of Psychology


  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California
  • MA in Experimental Psychology from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California
  • BS in Psychology from Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts

Teaching Philosophy:

Peter Gleason is a licensed clinical psychologist with over ten years of experience teaching in higher education. He believes learning occurs primarily through cultivated interest, curiosity, experience, and finally, creation.

Before he or his students can learn anything, they must first be interested enough in the topic to devote their attention and time. Only through interest can they begin to ask questions and engage our curiosity.

A foundational pillar that supports Pete’s teaching philosophy is autonomy. We cannot be free to choose, free to learn and create until we have the strength to do so independently. In keeping with this value, Pete teaches to develop solid and self-reliant learners. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and Pete’s goal is to enable students to teach themselves, not depend on a teacher, but ultimately become their own teacher.

Recent Publications:

Gleason, P. C., Hopkins, G., Eagan, M., VanderWaal, C., Duffy, J., & McBride, D. (2015). Extracurricular screen time among Idaho youth: Prevalence and association with psychological distress. Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science 4(2), 82-89.

Zorrilla, M. M., Modeste, N., Gleason, P. C., Sealy, D. A., Banta, J. E., & Trieu, S. L. (2019). Assessing depression-related mental health literacy among young adults. Californian journal of health promotion, 17(1), 71-83.

Spencer-Hwang, R., Montgomery, S., Dougherty, M., Valladares, J., Rangel, S., Gleason, P., & Soret, S. (2014). Experiences of a rail yard community: Life is hard. Journal of environmental health, 77(2), 8.

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