A Career of Investment and Passion for Central Maine Web Director | September 24, 2018

Kim Lindlof ‘91 was born in Waterville and spent her formative years in the Mid-Maine area, graduating from Lawrence High School in 1986, the University of Maine at Augusta in 1988, and Thomas College in 1991.

While studying full-time at Thomas, Kim also worked full-time. She was so proud to accept her diploma from former President George Spann, and, she notes, to pay off her student loan six weeks prior to graduation.

After graduating from Thomas, Kim launched and operated her own business, a convenience store and deli. Three years later, she sold her business and began working for the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce. Though she took time away to work in advertising sales, Kim returned to the Chamber as its president and CEO. In 2014, she added the oversight of the Central Maine Growth Council.

“My classes and degree at Thomas in marketing management showed me that my ability and aptitude lie in sales and development,” said Kim. “The management courses allowed me to hone in on my strengths as a people person.”

Over the years, Kim has invested so much time and energy into the central Maine, her home.

“I believe in the people of our region, and I am passionate about the region’s potential,” said Kim. “I have devoted most of my career to helping businesses grow and thrive. Central Maine has so much possibility and is worth the effort.”

Kim will help to celebrate Thomas College’s 125th anniversary this year.

“To me, Thomas’s contribution to the statewide workforce is cause for celebration,” said Kim. “Its numbers illustrate that Thomas is a net importer of employees and we particularly benefit from that in the mid-Maine area.”

Kim added, “The growth of the College has been remarkable to watch. Its range of degree options as well as its physical plant and faculty and staff have grown so much since its modest beginnings.”