A Love of Jogging and Jokes Web Director | October 11, 2018

Dog Wallace, originally from Baltimore, has been an English teacher at Thomas College for nearly 25 years. He has stayed for so long because he likes the students’ motivation to learn, and because of the greatness of Doug Lepley.

Dog likes to spend his time outside of school reading, jogging, and petting his cat. He said he doesn’t think much about health and wellness, but he is a long-time vegetarian.

“I gave up beef and pork in 1996, chicken and turkey in 2003, and seafood in 2010,” said Dog. “I didn’t give it up for health, but because these animals are usually treated cruelly, and I didn’t want to be implicated in that.”

Dog said he jogs five miles five times a week, except with it is below 20 degrees.

“I jog to get outside and see the neighborhood dogs – my constituents – and I’m always cognizant of the fact that heart disease can flatten any of us without a moment’s warning.”

Dog’s favorite past time, however, is humor.