A Master’s Degree in Only 10 Months Web Director | March 6, 2019

Jason Rushing M.S. Cybersecurity ’19 graduated from high school and enlisted in the Navy. He spent the next seven and a half years in the Navy, doing tech jobs including working on top secret communications equipment. 

Jason is from Illinois, and his wife is from Maine. After the Navy, they moved to Maine. And for the last 14 and a half years, he’s been working for Change HealthCare. Now the manager of Reporting and Analytics, he manages a team of 11 analysts, some who work in different places around the country. They work together to complete reporting and statistical analyses for state Medicaid agencies.  

In 2014, Jason decided it was time to get his college degree. He had made a promise to his grandfather he would, and he was at a point in his career where he couldn’t advance without a degree.  

So, he took about four years to obtain his bachelor’s degree from UMA. During the last part of his program while working on his electives, he discovered Cybersecurity. He was hooked. 

Although it wasn’t part of Jason’s plan, he was encouraged to check out Thomas College’s new Master’s in Cybersecurity program. After learning more, Jason was convinced. He loved the field, it was relevant to his job, and he could finish the program in just 10 months. 

Jason, who began the program in August 2018 and will finish in June 2019, says he loves the fast pace of the program. Combined with his full-time job and raising his two teenagers, Jason admits he is busy – but loves that he’ll be done the program so quickly.  

“That was one of the big draws for me was 10 months and done. I see the end of the goal and I know I can put that kind of work in for 10 months and then be done,” he said. 

After Jason graduates from the program this summer, he plans to work in the Cybersecurity field. 

“The company that I work for now is huge. They are 15,000-employee company. There is an information security division within our company that has a lot of opportunity I think.” 

Overall, Jason is happy he chose to enroll in Thomas College’s first cohort of Master’s in Cybersecurity students.  

“From the first day I stepped on campus, the experience has been so great for me. Everyone has been so friendly. It’s a great atmosphere. The facilities are really nice. It’s just very conducive for learning. It’s fun,” he said. “If you want to pursue your Master’s, I would highly recommend Thomas to do that. It’s been a great experience for me.”