A Passion for Helping Students and Families Web Director | November 28, 2018

Jeannine Bosse ’03 M.B.A. ’08 is the Senior Director of Student Financial Services at Thomas College. 

“I love working with students and trying to find ways to make finances less of a stressor for them,” she said. “Life is hard enough, and if I can try to help reduce frustrations in any wayJeannine, I feel that is important. When I see students after graduation and they thank me for helping them walk across that stage it means the world to me.” 

Jeannine first came to Thomas College as a student in 1999 from Caribou, Maine. After graduating, she left Thomas to pursue a career in retail management.  

“But after seeing how impersonal the field was I knew it wasn’t for me. I wanted a position where I could listen to others and help through whatever struggle they may be facing,” she said. “When a position came up in Student Financial Services at Thomas College, I knew it was a good fit for me.”  

Now, Jeannine has worked at Thomas College for 14 years. 

“Thomas is truly a family and supportive community. I enjoy seeing the campus grow and change and knowing I am somehow a part of that.” 

Outside of work, Jeannine focuses most of her energy on her friends and family. 

“Any chance I have to spend time with a friend or family member, I take it. Life is too short to pass that time by or tell yourself you are too busy. In my mind, we are never too busy to tell others what they mean to us.” 

Financial health has also been very important to Jeannine. It was a huge part of how she was brought up.  

“These two things together brought me to work a second job at Amici’s Cucina in Waterville,” she said. “All of my co-workers and customers there are my second family, my support system – as my parents live in Caribou. They have been there through many aspects of my life.” 

Jeannine also spends time working out every day before coming to Thomas, is a member of a local Beachbody group coached by another Thomas alum, and enjoys participating in various road races.  

“My favorite road race is the One in Five held at Thomas College as it was part of my life journey,” said Jeannine. “I have always struggled with depression and self-confidence. I made it my focus years ago to deal with this without putting a ‘drug’ into my body. 

“I exercise for mental health, with the physical just being a benefit. Being able to have that time to myself every morning allows me to come to work happy and focused, ready to help students and families tackle projects,” she said. 

JeannineJeannine also enjoys baking – and was recently given an award for the best desert at the Taste of Waterville. She also loves reading, visiting the Coast of Maine, exploring restaurants and trying new food, spending time with her best friend and “nephew” and her fiancé and his two children.  

Jeannine said it’s important to do something outside of work because it’s important for productivity and happiness. 

“Work can be stressful at times and take a lot of energy away from a person,” she said. “It is important to have a way to recharge when not at work. It also allows you to meet new people, make connections, have experiences, and take advantage of all life has to offer.” 

Health and wellness means living a balanced life, said Jeannine. 

“I feel at peace when I feel strong, healthy, financially stable, aware of my blessings each day and most importantly surrounded by those I love.”  

Her advice to others trying to live a healthier lifestyle: “Be aware of what is important to you and take time for yourself whether it is hours or seconds. Health and wellness is not a one size fits all. End each day with a positive thought and know that you are blessed for one reason or another, whether the day was good or bad. Surround yourself with people that love you no matter what!”