A Thomas College Sport Management Degree is Helping This Professional Reach His Dream Web Director | February 13, 2019

Brian Snow ‘11’s dream job as a Thomas College student was to one day be an Athletic Director.  

Less than eight years later, he’s happy to say he’s on track to accomplishing that goal.  

“It is within reach and I honestly never thought it would be remotely attainable,” he said. 

Brian was promoted this summer to Assistant Director of Athletics at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY. Before this promotion, he was working as the Sports Information Director at Concordia – a job he landed right after graduating from Thomas College with a sport management degree. 

As Assistant Director of Athletics, Brian oversees game day management and operations of all home athletic events. He is also responsible for the game day staff as well as the Sports Information Director while assisting in various day-to-day operations of the Department of Athletics. 

 “I enjoy my career because I am involved in preparing student-athletes for life after college,” said Brian. “Many people outside of collegiate athletics think that all they do is play games, but in reality, it is gaining knowledge that will help them be better individuals in life.”  

Brian credits his time at Thomas College to his thriving career.  

At Thomas College, Brian majored in Sport Management and worked in the Athletics Department as Sport Information Director. He was also a member of the men’s lacrosse team during his junior and senior year.  

 “My degree and experience at Thomas are a direct correlation of what I do now. Without the education as well as the time I spent working in the Athletics Department, I would not be prepared to do my current job effectively,” he said.  

Brian said the sport management program was special to him because of both Professor Greg King and Professor Don Cragen’s guidance. 

“Both of these gentlemen were there to answer any of my questions and help put me on the right path to be successful when I left,” he said.  

One time he felt this was when working in the athletics office using Statcrew software during his senior year. Professor King had a week-long lesson focused on the software in one of his classes. 

“He knew that my experience in it would be helpful to teach everyone else in the class and he allowed me to work alongside him during the lesson,” said Brian. “The fact that he knew me on a personal level and not as just a student or number showed how special the program is with individualized focus in the classroom.”  


Brian said today’s high school students should consider the Sport Management program at Thomas College because of the national accreditation and the world of possibilities it can unlock.  

“If you are like me and played sports your whole life and still want to be a part of it while working a career, Sport Management is the degree for you,” he said. “The industry has everything from non-profit to for-profit jobs and youth to professional settings that anyone can have fit for themselves.”  

Thomas College’s Sport Management program was also recently ranked 10 out of 25 Top Sport Management Degrees in the US in 2019 by Value Colleges. Thomas was ranked among colleges like Boston College, Wake Forest University and Duke University. 


Besides Brian’s experience and knowledge gained from studying and working in sport management at Thomas College, he also learned how to utilize Career Services. 

“They will help you make the connections you need to get the job you want as well as help you with internship opportunities to build up your work experience and skills in the career you want,” he said. “Without their help, I don’t think I would have had this much success in my career at such a young age.”  


Overall, Brian is happy with his decision to attend Thomas College.  

“I am a proud Thomas alumnus because of the quality education that helped prepare me for the business world,” he said. “The tight-knit community on campus, and those that helped guide me during my time at Thomas are why I will always be a proud Terrier!”