Recognizing Our Inspiring Community Members

Terrier Awards for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The Thomas College community is made up of many, many inspiring individuals. Through these awards, we’re able to recognize community members who make Thomas College a better place. 

Employee Recognition Award

Terrier STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition)

An employee recognition award to honor staff and faculty who, per their coworkers, embody characteristics important to the Thomas College community: Career Focus, Institutional Inventiveness, Personalized Experience, Inspiring Environment, Care and Community. 

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Kristina Lilley
Chris Santiago
Amanda Wrigley
Alicia Wilcox


Bryan Vick
Mark Marsolais
Amanda Nguyen
Kerry Smart
Matt Breslin
Mike Duguay
Steve Kahl


Sept – Cheryl Daggett
Oct – Amanda Kelly
Nov – Abby Dooley
Dec – Richard Biffle and Judy Hansen-Childers

Apr – Judi Veilleux
Mar – Anita Benoit
Feb – Adam Rodrigue
Jan – Zahayra Razo


Dec – Josh Devou
Nov – David Sugden
Oct – Mike Goldman
Sept – Steve Dyer
Apr – Crystal Leavitt
Mar – Bonnie Buckmore
Feb – Lisa Knight
Jan – Dena Wade


Dec – Paul Heath
Nov – Kelly Stevens
Oct – MacKenzie Riley Young
Sept – 
Cote Theriault
 – Tanya Longley
Mar – Frank Appunn
Feb – Andrea Thebarge
Jan – Dana Jordan


Dec – Ryan Wheaton
Nov – Mark Lint
Oct – Nancy Charette
Sept – Melissa Rice
Apr – Diane Anderson
Mar – Joe Scozzafava
Feb – Michelle Joler-Labbe
Jan – Jim Delorie


Dec – Danny Pomerleau
Nov – Jeff Ferguson
Oct – Jason Laverdiere
Sept – Rebecca Kane

Program Awards

Social Program

Recognizes a top social program this academic year that has offered a healthy opportunity for students to interact with others. Additionally, the program has met all goals, stayed within budget, and helped to improve the quality of campus life for students at Thomas College.

Education Program

Recognizes a high quality education program for its excellence in educating our campus community. Additionally, the program has been appropriately geared toward expanding the minds of our students and was well received by the campus community. 

Community Service Program

Recognizes a community service program designed to reach out to the Waterville or Thomas College communities with the intent of helping others. The program could have been held on or off campus and has met all Covid-19 guidelines to provide ways for students to have positive social engagement with one another. 

Student Leadership Awards

Gold Key Award

The Gold Key “Emerging Leader” Award honors up to six first-year students who have demonstrated scholastic achievement and leadership qualities while at Thomas.

Collegiate Crest Award

The Collegiate Crest award honors sophomore and junior students selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to the college and community.

Thomas Award

The Thomas Award honors two seniors selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to the college and community.

Nina-Lee Warnick Memorial Award

The Nina-Lee Warnick Memorial Award is based entirely upon the student’s contribution of time and energy to Thomas College and demonstration of the highest standards of citizenship in the student community. This award recognizes a member of the junior class for exceptional qualities of integrity, concern for others, and interest and leadership in campus affairs. 

Unsung Hero Award

Recognizes a student whose contributions are often behind the scenes, enhancing our community in a quiet way that draws attention to the success of the project or organization, or as a critical member of a team that makes everyone involved more effective at what they do.