Accelerated Student Gains Career-Readiness and Leadership Experience Web Director | March 22, 2019

Emma Dimock ’19 graduates this May after completing a bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four as part of Thomas College’s Kiest-Morgan Scholar program.

While at Thomas College, Emma has completed two internships, is a member of the Dance Team, participant of Leadership Academy, studied Marketing Management, and overall has built a profile related to her future career.

“Thomas gives students a lot of opportunities to grow and become someone employees look for,” said Emma. “The guaranteed job program allows students to learn more about what it is like to work with others and how to prepare for a job through leadership and career services events. I think Thomas does a great job preparing students for the workforce, both in class and through career services.”

Emma’s first internship was with Thomas College alumna and entrepreneur Tracy O’Clair ’03.

“Working at TOCmedia was my first step into the real world of marketing. I was able to create social media posts for businesses, use my digital graphics skills to design and edit images, and I wrote a few blogs,” she said. “One perk about the internship was that we had virtual offices so it was essentially a work from home job except for when I would have to run to downtown Waterville to take photos or meet with Tracy. The flexibility allowed me to complete my internship while also being able to get my summer coursework done.”

Right now, during her last semester, Emma is working at Marshall Communications, a public relations and marketing agency in Augusta.

“From working at Marshall Communications, I have learned so much about public relations, which is only a small part of what marketers learn about. The team is amazing, and they have been easing me into the world of PR,” she said. “I love being in the office because if I don’t understand something or if I have any questions, I can easily ask my mentor. I have had the opportunity to learn about and build my skills in pitching, research, and social media. One of the most fun projects I have had to work on was creating the company’s social media style guide.”


Emma says the Kiest-Morgan Scholar (or the three-year) program was one of the main reasons she chose to attend Thomas College.

The Madison, Maine native, said it made sense financially and career-wise.

“I would tell other students that the Kiest-Morgan program is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Six classes every semester and two over each summer can get a little strenuous, but you leave with a stronger sense of accomplishment,” she said. “One piece of advice I would give is to schedule when you are going to work on homework and to estimate how long the work will take. Time management is key so you don’t get overloaded.”

After graduation, Emma hopes to gain more work experience in the marketing or related fields and eventually go back to school for her Master’s. Ultimately, she would love to return home to help run her family’s apple orchard and keep the family business thriving.


Overall, Emma is proud to become a college graduate this spring.

“I’ve worked hard to get here, and I am proud that I was able to achieve the goals I set my freshman year of maintaining high grades, getting an internship, and starting to become a little less shy and quiet,” she said. “I am proud that I will be graduating after three years of college rather than the standard four.”