Alumna Off to Medical School Web Director | July 24, 2019

Tess McClenahan ‘17 was studying Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology at Thomas College when her advisor, Dr. Joseph Scozzafava, a former family physician and medical examiner, inspired her to try out an internship with the State of Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner. 

“I had the experience of a lifetime alongside Dr. Flomenbaum,” she said. “Within a few weeks at the Medical Examiner’s Office, I was committed to change paths and begin my journey towards a career in medicine. The flexibility that was built into my program at Thomas allowed me to spend the summer learning what I loved all while earning academic credit in the process.” 

Two years after graduation, Tess has recently been accepted into Medical School. In the fall, she will attend the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree.  

“If it wasn’t for my specific experiences at Thomas, I wholeheartedly believe I would not be attending medical school this fall,” said Tess. 

Besides studying at Thomas, Tess was also very involved on campus including being a member of the women’s basketball team, Criminal Justice Club, Psychology Club, Student Senate, Alpha Chi National Honor Society, a Peer Mentor, and Student Ambassador. 

“Thomas was the perfect fit for me for a number of reasons. First and foremost, living in rural areas all my life, it was important to me to seek a similar feel in my undergraduate institution,” she said. “I never desired to attend a huge college where you are one of 500 in your Freshman Seminar class. Secondly, the close-knit relationships I was able to form with my classmates and professors is something I am incredibly grateful for. It was evident to me very early on that the professors at Thomas genuinely wanted to see you succeed and would help you in any way that they can to ensure this.” 

Since graduating from Thomas in 2017, Tess has spent her time completing a few pre-requisite classes that were required for her entry in medical school – and working two jobs; one of which was working at Maine General Medical Center as a Cardiac Monitor Technician.  

Overall, Tess is very excited to begin her journey to becoming a medical doctor and is thankful to Thomas College for helping her get there. 

“I am a proud Thomas alum because of the opportunities the college presented me with that I don’t believe I would have had at a different institution. The friends I made during my four years are the same friends that have constantly pushed me towards my goals postgrad,” said Tess. “Thomas College is truly a unique place, and I know those who have been fortunate enough to attend would 100 percent agree.”