Alumni Courtney (Rustemeyer) ’13 and Scott Dumas ’13 Adapt in Careers, Family During COVID-19 MacKenzie Riley Young | April 30, 2020

Courtney, a controller at ALCOM, and Scott Dumas, a Waterville Police officer, met at Thomas College – and now have thriving careers and a wonderful family thanks to their time here.

“Without Thomas College, our lives would be very different,” says Courtney. “Thomas really shaped who we are and also gave us a second family.”

“We have so many friends that we made at Thomas who are like family,” notes Courtney. “Not only did the education and people open doors for us professionally, they opened them socially.”

Courtney and Scott say it was very easy to get involved at Thomas — and are still connected as alumni volunteers now, helping to spread awareness about the annual Day of Giving. Both are excited to help with the Day of Giving coming up on May 7, because they know the impact it has on students in need.

“Everyone at Thomas is there to help students academically and personally.”

During this pandemic, their work has changed. Scott’s job at the police department includes taking precautions, but staff cannot limit all contact with the public. Courtney, on the other hand, is now working from home with their 5 ½-month-old son Deacon.

“It is interesting. I do more work in the evenings after he goes to sleep. My company is currently mostly shut down, so the workload is less. I am getting a few projects completed that I have been wanting to but haven’t had the time, so I feel when we get back up and running full force, we will be a more efficient company.”

One silver lining to all of this, notes Courtney, is “the extra time with Deacon that I wouldn’t ordinarily have. I get to snuggle him and see him grow. He can now sit up on his own and almost pull himself up. I would miss a lot if he were in daycare. As hard as it is to work with him there, I try to think of all the time we are getting together that we normally wouldn’t have — especially on the nice days when we can go play outside! We also get to enjoy walks with the dogs and playing with the horses during breaks in the day.”

Thank you to Courtney and Scott for their work and service!