Alumni on the Move: Blaine Guido Web Director | June 25, 2018

Growing up with a business owner as a father, Blaine Guido ’16, M.B.A. ’17 was inspired to follow his lead.

“I became fascinated by working with the public and understanding how and why people become customers and clients,” said Blaine.

So, he decided to attend Thomas College to get his business career going.

“I chose Thomas because of the community; the strong focus on business and real-world applications; the ability for me to grow as a person; and to have a role in the school.”

While at Thomas, Blaine was a lacrosse player, a resident assistant, and an active member of the Student Senate.

It was these experiences that helped Blaine further his connections with people and be a part of a community. And, it was his relationship with Professor Jamie Campbell that helped him figure out his passion.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Thomas, he continued with his Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration. While studying for his MBA, he completed an internship with Central Maine Motors Auto Group.

“I gained a great relationship with owner Chris Gaunce and Chevrolet Manager Craig Drew, who became my greatest mentor and friend,” said Blaine. “He took me under his wing and taught me the sales process, as well as managerial aspects of the dealership.”

After graduation, Central Maine Motors hired him to work in the Sales Department.

“There, I learned how to better serve the needs of clients in the community and about the amazing mission and culture of Central Maine Motors Auto Group.”

His ultimate goal was to use his MBA to dive into the investment industry. Luckily, he recently landed a job as a financial adviser at Edward Jones in Waterville.

“I am able to meet the community, deeply serve clients, learn about hopes and dreams, and help make them come true,” said Blaine. “So far, after an in-depth interview process, about three months of training for the series 7 and the series 66, and gaining two passing scores, I have traveled to the headquarters in St. Louis, MO, twice to learn more about the culture of the firm and our established process to understand what is most important to clients.”

Blaine said his Thomas education inspired his passion and helped prepare him for his job now.

“Thomas is where I first became fascinated with investing and the idea that planning can really allow individuals to live the lifestyle they want to live,” said Blaine. “Thomas helped me build my communication skills and gave me some key connections to explore options in the financial services industry.”

“Thomas gave me the confidence to leave one amazing opportunity at Central Maine Motors and jump into another with Edward Jones,” he said. “The College has also provided a great support system through my career change.”

Blaine also created long-lasting friendships at Thomas – a great group of guys who he talks to every day now and where he met his girlfriend, Kelly Macomber ’17, who is now a sixth-grade Science teacher in Gardiner.

“I am proud to be a Thomas alum because of how supportive all members of the Thomas community are – from the President to current students and faculty,” he said. “The one-to-one help, the small school, and the ability to know almost everyone on campus has provided so much confidence. Thomas is a key player in building the opportunities I have in my life today.”