Alumni on the Move: Jenifer Ha ’16 Web Director | June 20, 2019

Three years after graduation, Jenifer Ha is making her mark on the digital marketing world.

As an account executive for Altitude Agency – a full-service digital marketing agency based in Denver that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Jenifer oversees several client accounts and handles them during the duration of their contract. She onboards each client individually, learns more about them, helps develop and fine tune their campaigns, project manages their needs within departments, and ultimately helps them reach their digital marketing goals.

“When I first started, I was very green in the digital marketing world by industry standards – which can only change with ambition and experience,” said Jenifer. “At my job, I really enjoy that I am able to directly learn about various areas of digital marketing (SEO, content, web development, social media, etc.) from all the departments and watch it come full circle for our clients.”

Jenifer loves being directly involved with diagnosing problems and implementing strategies within digital marketing.

“I’ve learned so much about digital marketing. What I really enjoy about my career path is that digital marketing doesn’t discriminate – anyone can learn about it. It can seem daunting, but there are so many resources to learn from. It’s great to be able to pick up a skill, put it in action, and explain to your client what you did and why – and how it can help them.

Jenifer was able to adapt to this new role because of her time at Thomas College.

“All of my experiences at Thomas, from my courses, my internship, my collegiate activities, following jobs, etc. prepared me with excellent communication and management skills, in addition to an ever-growing marketing skill set,” she said. “In working with clients in digital marketing, a lot of my work is based around project management and time management – so, those skills are crucial.”

At Thomas College, Jenifer studied marketing management at Thomas where she was inspired by the subject.

“What I enjoyed about the program was being able to work with Professor Rick Saucier, who headed the Marketing program,” she said. “His enthusiasm was contagious; it helped solidify my love for marketing. Thanks, Professor Saucier!”

Besides studying, Jenifer worked in the Admissions office and was a resident assistant. She said both jobs helped her develop crucial interpersonal and management skills.

Her senior year at Thomas, Jenifer interned with the State of Maine Office of Information Technology (OIT). Her job was to develop and market recruitment programs aimed at informing what the OIT did and the opportunities available in the workforce.

“If you value personal attention, small classes, and a campus where every face is familiar, I’d definitely recommend Thomas College,” said Jenifer of her experience.

Jenifer grew up in Westbrook, Maine – a small town near Portland.

“I grew up with the same group of kids from kindergarten to high school and, for some people, even went to the same college. I was actually a very shy person growing up and was super introverted.”

A year and a half ago, Jenifer and her boyfriend made a big move to Colorado.

“While family and friends are across the country, Colorado has so much more to offer our personal and professional interests,” she said. “It’s definitely not the East Coast, but it is a much better fit for us. I never get tired of seeing mountains everywhere I go.”

Jenifer is proud of what she’s accomplished since graduating from Thomas College. It’s helped advance her career and break into a new, growing field.

“Looking back, I knew I wanted to work in Digital Marketing. After Thomas, it became a goal to move to Colorado. Both were goals that were set years ago and accomplished. It can be hard to move across the country – and equally as hard to get your foot in the door in the digital marketing industry,” she said. “I feel entirely grateful to be doing what I am, where I am, today.