Alumni Profile: Lindsay (Shepard) Harris ’94, ’96 Web Director | May 5, 2022

Lindsay (Shepard) Harris has a remarkable story of hard work, self-motivation, and ultimately, success.  

Lindsay, who now resides in Scarborough with her two sons, has earned the position of Vice President of Commercial Banking at Gorham Savings Bank, one of the more prominent banks in Maine. With her over 20 years of experience, she’s one of the few women in Maine who has been able to crack the glass ceiling in the world of Maine banking and finance.

Lindsay has always been a driven person; from a young age she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. While she’d been accepted to a variety of schools, Lindsay said that once she stepped foot on campus at Thomas, “it just felt right.”

During her time at Thomas, Lindsay put herself through college, working full-time while she was also taking classes full-time. However, busy as she was, she still managed to forge lifelong friendships when she joined the sorority, Beta Sigma Omega. She was also active on campus, volunteered frequently, and excelled academically, graduating from Thomas in ’94 with a degree in accounting and then again in ’96 with another degree, this time in marketing management.

Upon leaving Thomas, Lindsay pursued her passion for banking and finance, initially working at TD Bank and later moving onto Gorham Savings Bank. Her hard work and unique educational skill set made her an asset as soon as she hit the ground. Reflecting on this part of her life, Lindsay said, “My background in accounting helped me to be a strong financial analyst and my marketing background helped me to create a variety of ways to start small businesses that could secure funding and progressively succeed.”

In no time at all, Lindsay had carved out a niche for herself in commercial banking as she grew herself a reputation as a capable, hard-working executive who could find elegant solutions to intricate challenges. When she finally found her way to Gorham Savings Bank, her career really took off.

Lindsay remains connected to the Terrier community. She’s an active donor, a volunteer panelist at professional engagement events for our students, and she’s considering joining an alumni professional group to help engage and empower the next generation of Thomas graduates. Thanks to alumni like Lindsay, the Terrier community c