Alumnus Lands New Job at Facebook Web Director | August 27, 2018

At Thomas, Javier Abascal Carrasco M.B.A. ’14 was best known for his energetic and playful personality, his side gig as a magician, and his inspiring 2014 graduation speech.

Four years after graduation, he has lived up to his legacy with a new job as Data Engineer at Facebook.

Most recently, he was a Big Data Consultant at Ernst & Young, S.L.

He says Thomas had a huge impact on why he chose this career and why he is where he is today.

“I can’t imagine my life now without the big advantage that Thomas gave to me,” said Javier. “I have been working now for four years, and my career is focused on the now ‘trendy’ topic of big data and analytics. The only reason I chose that career path is because I met professor Frank Appunn at Thomas, who was able to wisely analyze my skillset and recommended me this area of expertise that I love. I am very glad of that decision, and I am still enjoying, learning, and being very successful in this work.”

Javier, originally from Spain, came to Thomas College for the 10-month Accelerated MBA program. He was part of the first cohort to go through this program.

“Completing the Accelerated MBA program before starting work full time was a huge advantage. It allowed me to understand not only my role, but also the role of the rest of the company – from HR and sales to marketing and operations,” he said. “It has helped me to exceed every year.”

Javier gained so much career-wise from his time at Thomas, but he gained even more from the relationships he created while here.

“Thomas is a part of my life I will always carry with me.”