An Accelerated Education Leads to Accelerated Success Web Director | November 5, 2018

Mathew George ’18, M.B.A. ’19 chose Thomas College because of the tight-knit community (similar to his quiet, rural hometown of Troy, NH); a chance to run cross country at the collegiate level; and, the opportunity to complete his bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four through the Kiest-Morgan Program.

“I loved the idea of working a little harder to save money in the long run, thanks to the three-year program,” said Mathew.

In May of this year, Mathew graduated with his Bachelor’s in Finance. This fall, he is enrolled in Thomas’s Accelerated MBA program.

“It’s been a step up from undergrad. However, it is a good step,” said Mathew. “I told myself that this year I want to really push myself. I think the program is doing just that, and hopefully by the end, I will come out a step above my peers.”



While at Thomas, Mathew has been involved in Track and Field, Intramurals, Alpha Chi, Peer Tutoring, the EDGE program, and he also works as a peer tutor.  matt george

He suggests to incoming students to get involved on campus.

“Joining a club, sport, or activity allows you to meet like-minded people with your interests,” said Mathew. He says it is a great way to make friends and create a solid support group while studying for your degree.



This past summer, Mathew included a summer internship – which he has been able to continue through the fall semester. He is interning with Waterville-based Atlantic Corp.

“They specialize in business consulting and grant applications,” said Mathew. “My duties include grant writing, market research, creation of financial projects, and general tasks as needed by my employer.”

He hopes this experience will be another stepping stone to his dream job of owning a gym someday.




Overall, Mathew said he really benefitted from the three-year program at Thomas.

“I enjoyed the Kiest-Morgan program due to the additional challenge it posed, and the cost savings was a nice benefit, too,” said Mathew. “I figured if I could test myself in school, the transition into ‘real’ life would not feel so shocking.”

It is why Mathew came back this semester for his Accelerated MBA. He loves the challenge and knows he will be set up for success after graduation.