An Opportunity to Grow at Thomas College Web Director | April 12, 2019

Ashlyn Parker ‘20 said her experiences over the past three years at Thomas College has helped her mature. 

“Professors hold you accountable, and there’s a lot of leadership roles on camps to get involved with and to help you grow.” 

One such leadership role Ashlyn has held is with the Law and Policy Club. She’s pushed for the Club to get started, help it grow and hold fun events like the Policy Forum. Last year, Ashlyn organized a gubernatorial forum with candidates for governor on campus. 

“It was awesome getting to know them in such a small environment and getting to see their views and positions on various subjects that Thomas students are concerned about and interested in,” she said.  


As an English major, Ashlyn’s dream job is to be an editor for a magazine or publishing house.  

She said she’s enjoyed studying English because the professors in the department are very helpful. 

“You can almost always catch them in their office, and they’re willing to work with you on a lot of things.”  

Although Ashlyn does not live on campus, she said Thomas still feels like her second family. She loves the sense of community and knowing almost everyone on campus.  

There have been particular professors and staff members who have helped support her throughout her journey at Thomas.  

“Jeremy Pare, Kelly Mechling, and Zahyra Razzo have been consistent throughout my time at Thomas,” she said. “Jeremy helped me get the Law and Policy club running and has been open to all of my ideas. Kelly has helped me a lot with my writing and career decision-making. Zahyra is my academic coach and has helped me tremendously over the past couple of years. She is always open to listening to my needs and doing her best to fulfill them.”  

Ashyln said the most important thing she has learned at Thomas is: “Perseverance. To never give up because ultimately, you can achieve anything you work hard for.”