Being a Student-Athlete Makes Krysta a Better Student Web Director | November 7, 2018

Krysta Porter ’19 loves being a college student-athlete and would definitely recommend it to others. 

“Being on a team creates a group of people that you can go to with anything – whether it’s help with homework, someone to talk to about life and all its problems, or even someone to go get lunch with,” said Krysta.  

Krysta has been a dual-sport athlete while at Thomas, playing both field hockey and softball. She is studying Sports Management with a Minor in Coaching, and she is part of the Kiest-Morgan program, which means she is taking classes at a faster rate so she can complete her degree in three years instead of four. She plans to get her MBA from Thomas next year, too.  

So, you can see that she is busy, and it might be difficult to juggle everything. Not for Krysta. 

“Athletics actually helps me balance academics better,” she said. “Having practice every day or a game creates a specific time for you to do your homework. Coach Thebarge also stresses that we are students before athletes and requires that we maintain a 3.0 GPA, or else we have to do mandatory study hall with her in her office.” 

Krysta says that Provost Dr. Edwards also has an academic challenge for sports teams that motivates them. If the team gets above a 3.0 GPA collectively, the Provost will take the team out for dinner. The team with the highest GPA wins a plaque. The field hockey team, that Krysta is a part of, won in 2017.  

As an aspiring coach herself, Krysta enjoys being involved with the sports community and the overall community at Thomas.  

“At Thomas, the professors know who you are and what you do. Some professors come out to watch the sports teams at home games, and it gives you the feeling that they really care,” said Krysta.  

Krysta is so happy that she chose to attend Thomas College, and she knows her time here will benefit her over the long run.  

“Thomas is a place where you can meet lifelong friends and make connections with professors and other members of the Thomas College community that will help you in the future.”