Being an Undecided Major Helped Jason Find His Passion Web Director | January 3, 2019

Jason Hamilton ’21 entered his first semester at Thomas College as an undecided major. He switched majors twice before choosing one.

He recently chose international business – which he says is now his official major.

“I like it because with this major, the job includes traveling – which is something I regularly do – as well as learning about different cultures in a different variety of ways,” said Jason.

He’s uncertain of what his dream job is right now, but he wants it to be something that helps people learn about diversity.

Jason, who is from South Portland, Maine, chose to attend Thomas College because it is close to home. In his second year at Thomas, he’s found a home here too – he’s involved with the Student Philanthropy Team, International Club, Black Student Union, and the men’s tennis team.

Jason said entering college as an undecided major was a good choice for him. He didn’t know what he wanted to do yet, and Thomas College supported him while figuring that out. He took a variety of courses to find his interest and was able to rely on the Student Success Center staff to help him make the choice.

For students who are also unsure of what they want to major in, Jason says not to be nervous.

“Being an undecided major is nothing to be ashamed about,” he said. “Sometimes people find what they like later than others. Many people can agree with that.”

“Don’t think that you have to rush and be like everybody else when picking a major – you do you,” he said.

Jason is happy with his choice to attend Thomas: “Thomas College has inspired me to bring attention to certain issues that some people may not know much about.”

Overall, Jason is looking forward to the rest of his college career. He can’t wait to learn and explore more – and get that degree.