A Thomas College Student and an Alum Taking Advantage of New Tech Company in Town

Published: Monday, April 25, 2016

When Spencer Krigbaum ‘17 heard that Collaborative Consulting, one of the biggest consulting firms in Boston, was creating a new office in Waterville, he jumped at the opportunity.

Although Krigbaum is still a student, his professors helped him get an interview – and he was eventually hired as an Associate Developer.

Krigbaum said his job will be to create and develop applications and programs as a consultant and will receive requests from the Boston company.

Since being hired, Krigbaum has been in a 10-week intense training program provided by Collaborative Consulting while going to school full-time at Thomas.

“The training program is very long and very intense,” he said. “They can take people who only have minor skills in programming and get them all the way up to working condition in a short period of time.”

There are nine other people in the training program – one of them is also connected to Thomas College. Paul LeBlanc ’15, who graduated in December, was also recently hired as an Associate Developer.

“About half of the group knows how to program and the others don’t,” said Krigbaum. “It’s really an intense program. It’s like drinking from a fire hose with the information. I think the first day I took about 25 pages of notes.”


Krigbaum said he has had a love for computers since he was a kid.

“I love playing video games,” he said. “And my dad taught me how to build computers growing up.”

Krigbaum said he didn’t start learning how to program until shortly before his first semester at Thomas. He taught himself at first, and has since learned the rest from his Thomas classes and his new training for work.


Krigbaum, 24, came to Thomas College as a transfer student from a college where he studied Chemistry.

“My wife got a job in this area so I wanted to look for schools in this area.”

He decided to attend Thomas College to study Computer Science, and he really likes it here – especially the professors.

“Professor Grady has been very helpful. When I was doing my application process with Collaborative, they basically kept seeing my name pop up over and over again – between Thomas people contacting them and me applying. So they finally said ‘we have to find out who this guy is’.”

He said his professors have been helping him juggle school and work, and have been very understanding.

“And for the most part, anything I need to catch up with they have been more than happy to help me out with it.”


Krigbaum is very thankful for Collaborative Consulting’s extensive training and to be able to simultaneously work on his degree at Thomas.

He said he thinks the new technology company is a great opportunity for Waterville, and for Thomas students looking for jobs in the area after graduation.

“Waterville needs something to give it a boost and bringing in a couple hundred jobs is going to be a big deal for Waterville, especially with something this tech-focused,” said Krigbaum.

“With more technology opportunities in this area, Waterville really has the potential to take off.”

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