On-Campus vs. Off-Campus: The Benefits of On-Campus Living at Thomas College

The college process is full of choices. One of these is whether you want an on-campus living experience. At Thomas College, there are many ways that on-campus living can enhance your time as an undergraduate or graduate student. From an active community to life-changing experiences, you’ll find some compelling reasons to consider living on campus.  

Let’s explore a few.  

The Convenience of an On-Campus Living College Experience 

We’ll start with one of the more obvious benefits of an on-campus living college experience: the convenience. Living on campus means you’re always within walking distance to all your classes; time management is easier when you have a shorter commute, compared to living off-campus. Not only does it save on gas (while helping you get your steps in!), but it also comes with its fair share of perks for Thomas College residents. For example:  

  • A wide selection of student housing options: At Thomas College, we have multiple campus housing options available for you to choose from, including traditional dormitories, apartment-style living, pod-style living, and more. 
  • Easy access to our athletic facilities (including our new sports center): If you’re a student athlete or enjoy exercise, living on-campus means you’re just a short walk from our athletic facilities, which include the Harold Alfond Athletic Center, The Larry Mahaney Gymnasium, and multiple sports fields to practice and work out on. 
  • Moments together in campus social hub: Featuring both the Dining Center and Dog Pound (a convenient on-the-go dining option), the campus bookstore, and meeting and recreation rooms, the George and Marty Spann Student Commons is the part of campus where students gather, dine, socialize, and collaborate.  
  • Central location in the heart of Maine: On-campus living at Thomas College puts you in the heart of Maine where you can experience four seasons of outdoor adventure and natural beauty surrounding you at all times.  

Convenience is a major factor of the on-campus living college experience; and as you can see, living on-campus at Thomas College provides plenty of spots to learn, explore, and socialize — all just steps away from your home base.  

The Community You Get to Build 

Living on-campus means more opportunities to forge deeper connections with your fellow students, building a community that will support you through your years here and beyond. And at Thomas College, there are so many people to meet and so many things to do. These include: 

Student Clubs and Organizations 

Whether you’re pursuing a current hobby or looking for a new one, we offer multiple clubs and organizations that can fulfill your interests and expand your skill set.  

Campus Activities 

There’s always something going on at Thomas College, with plenty of chances to mix, mingle, and make memories with your fellow students. From weekly events to ongoing traditions like the Terrier Trot 5K Homecoming Race, you’ll never have a dull moment.  

Intramural Sports 

Fun for all levels, we have several intramural sports teams to choose from throughout the year so you can get your game on, no matter the season.  


Terrier Pride runs rampant throughout our campus. Whether you’re on the field or cheering on our teams, you’re a Terrier surrounded by people who love Thomas College as much as you do.  

No matter what club, activity, or sports event you attend, there’s the possibility of meeting new people and making lifelong friendships at every turn.  

A More Engaging College Experience 

The best part of on-campus living is that you’re right where the action is for everything! As we noted, it’s convenient, it’s a great way to meet more people, and ultimately, it’s a prime opportunity to make the most of your college experience.  

And, when it comes to support, you’ll also find that on-campus services are right at your fingertips to help you with academics, career goals, internships, and more. These services include: 

  • Peer Tutoring: Free tutoring to support your academic success  
  • Career Services: Professional development services to set you up for career success as soon as you graduate  
  • Student Success Center: Tools and resources to support your academic journey from day one 
  • Health Center: Provides physical, psychological, and preventative care needs, including on-site counseling  

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to on-campus living at Thomas College — and the opportunities don’t end there! Explore what our student life is like to get a fuller picture of the Thomas College experience and find out if it’s right for you.