Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Thomas College offers a suite of resources and programming readily accessible to individuals interested in taking their businesses to the next level. The Institute provides the platform from which instruction, training, events, mentoring, and access to talent are all made available within the context of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Resources and Programming

These are just some of the tools that you will use to catalyze the growth of your business and your dreams.

Innovation Engineering/Design Thinking Workshop

Expose yourself and your staff to a new way of solving the challenges that your business faces. This is an easily learnable system that will allow you and your staff to develop a foundation for thinking and creating viable business solutions. Taught within a 3-day intensive format, not only will you attain a command of the system but you will also start to apply it towards real-life situations. Experience how the “fail fast, fail cheap” and “empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test” cycles will improve your business exponentially.

Business Training

Avail yourself and your senior management team with opportunities to refine and grow your business skill set. Sample from training programs in Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, and Multi-generational employee issues.

Employee Training

Help your employees reach their maximum potential and master new skills. Training in Leadership Development, Effective Communications, Sales and Marketing, IT and Computer Skills, Supervisory Training and Project Management will not only raise your employee’s productivity, it will also create the level of workforce that you have always desired.

Certificate And Academic Courses:

In order to get to that next level in business, your team needs to be at their very best. Obtaining more in-depth training and instruction is essential in order to get there. Certificate programs in Project Management and Innovation Engineering/Design Thinking will develop the foundation that your team needs to get your business there.

Signature Internship Program

In order to ensure that your business stays competitive, you need to hire top talent. Our Signature Internship Program develops top talent from our student population by providing them with the soft and hard skills needed to be productive on day one. Let our student interns be your pipeline for talent and your future workforce.

Alfond Fellows

The Alfond Fellows are a group of accomplished entrepreneurs that are available to assist local business owners, in a confidential manner, to work through whatever challenge is facing them. Acting as a ‘sounding board’, the Fellows will provide their insight and expertise at no charge to help the business owner overcome the challenge at hand.

CEO Forum

The Institute will host a Forum where CEO/Business Owners of area businesses can come together in a more informal and social manner in which to network with one another and share advice.

Family-Owned Business Topics

Partnering with the Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB), workshops and seminars on critical topics facing family-owned businesses such as Succession Planning, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning will be delivered on-site at the Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation.