Interviewing is critical to landing your perfect internship or job. We recommend following these steps.

You can also consult CareerOneStop, which offers resources on interviewing including common questions, illegal questions, and questions for employers.

Practice makes perfect.

This sounds like a cliché, but it’s seriously important. Here’s an article about common questions and how to answer them. Now, think about how you would answer them, and then practice those answers out loud. You can contact Professional and Career Development, and we’d be happy to do a mock interview session with you.

Research the organization in advance. 

Research not just the company website, but their LinkedIn and any other online resources such as articles in business journals/blogs, Glassdoor employee reviews, etc. Talk with people who work for the company if you can. Find out what the company has for goals and upcoming plans. Compose questions to the interviewer that show you have done this research.

Dress for a great first impression.

It may sound unfair, because you may be the greatest candidate coming in, but if you don’t dress appropriately, your chances of getting the job are slim.

Be thoughtful during the interview. 

Be aware of discriminatory topics and avoid introducing them into the conversation, as well as answering any from your interviewer. These include: religion, plans for pregnancy or the number of children you have, sexual orientation, etc. If it’s personal information or unrelated to your ability to do the job, don’t talk about it. If the interviewer raises one of these topics, politely ask what the question has to do with your ability to perform the job.

Send a thank you note afterward.

Send a thank you note to the interviewer(s). Hand written is best, but email is acceptable.