Thomas College students and graduates have great reputations in the work place. Students go through a rigorous academic program that provides personal and professional development focused on four Core Competencies:

  • Communications
  • Leadership and Service
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Community and Interpersonal Relations

Through the emphasis on these important competencies, our students develop leadership skills and effective communication skills, and they are committed to giving back to their communities.

We strongly encourage our students to gain practical work experience through internships or jobs related to their field, and more than half of our graduates take advantage of the opportunity. Plus, students are given opportunities to build professional and career development skills through earning badging and industry credentials and through participation in innovation challenges with area employers.

We are so confident that the combination of a stellar learning experience in the classroom and the practical work experience of internships and other opportunities prepares our students for success in their careers, we guarantee it!

Employers are welcome to visit us on campus during the academic year and, in particular, during the annual spring semester career fair to meet our students.