Digital Badges

A digital badge is recognition for learning outside of the typical classroom environment. It is verified by an external entity and is skills and experience based. It incentivizes learning, measures growth, and creates pathways to careers (Reelworks, 2020). Digital badges represent achievements that can increase your employability by demonstrating the application of skills and knowledge in that area. Digital badges can be shared widely on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, via email, or embedded in a website.

Students Will:

  • Make connections to people and resources while completing a project of their choice.
  • Earn verified and validated credentials for highly sought-after skills.
  • Articulate and share their skills in a way that increases their employability.
  • Develop their personal brand and be able to share that in a digital space. 

Digital Badge Offerings

Skills Badges

The Digital Badging Program at Thomas College is designed to help increase your employability. The key to your success is to be able to articulate what you know and are able to do by using clear examples and evidence. You will have the opportunity to practice this process while earning digital badges that will help you throughout your time at Thomas and connect you to important resources. Skills badges can be earned through conversations with faculty and staff, as well as by submitting evidence to the program coordinators through the Digital Badging Canvas Site, which any student can join in by visiting this course enrollment link.

View the Directions for Earning Skills Badges

Career Ready Competency Badges

In order to increase your employability, Thomas College offers you the opportunity to earn validation for several highly-sought after skills. You can demonstrate these competencies through a wide variety of experiences AND can earn more than one badge at a time if your project satisfies all of the requirements. Each semester, those of you who earn these badges will be invited to a special celebration or “badg-u-ation.” These badges also qualify as a Professional Credential of Value for the Guaranteed Job Program. Career Ready badges can be earned by submitting evidence to the program coordinators through the Digital Badging Canvas Site, which any student can join in by visiting this course enrollment link.

View the Directions for Earning Career Ready Competency Badges

Professional Development Programs

Thomas College is known for offering high-quality professional development in the key professional areas of business, innovation, and information technology. These badges can be earned by completing the professional development course and earning an 80% or higher on the final assessment.

Learn More About HAIBI Badges and CIE Badges


For learners who want to engage in more than just a course, but less than a full degree program, the College has created a number of opportunities to earn a Specialization in a specific field. Specializations combine a variety of courses from the College’s non-credit online and in-person course catalogs. Upon successful assessment of all required courses, participants will be awarded a specialization badge that memorializes their achievement.

Additional Information

View Our Badges

Note: You can view the badges you have earned by signing into Badgr.

Locate, Claim, and Share Your Badges

You might earn your digital badge by submitting evidence to the Digital Badging Canvas Site OR by having a conversation with a Thomas College faculty or staff member. After you’ve earned a badge, it is important to claim it and then share it! Directions for both situations can be found in the attachment below.

View the directions for claiming and sharing your digital badges

Learn More About Our Digital Badges

In these videos, current Thomas College students explain more about how the program works.


For more information about earning digital badges or partnering with Thomas College for a digital badging project, please email [email protected].

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