Student Resources


What are the health and safety guidelines for classrooms and study rooms?

Classrooms will return to normal capacity. For more information please see the Return to Campus Safety Plan.

Student Financial Services

I have a question related to financial hardship.  What should I do?

Please call the Student Financial Services Office directly at 207-859-1112.

Will work study jobs still be available? How do I get a work study job?

Yes, work study jobs are available beginning the first day of classes.  Please contact the Student Financial Services office at 207-859-1105 or email Jeannine Ross at

Information Services

How do I connect to my Thomas email account?

To setup an email account, the student will need their Thomas College username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact the service desk at or 207-859-1204.

Next, go to and click on “Outlook Web”. Login with your username and password. The first time you do so, you will be prompted to setup Multi-Factor authentication on your mobile device. Once complete, you’ll have access to their email account.

Additional information can be found here:

Student Affairs

Thomas College is committed to offering a range of activities and events on and off campus that allow students to gather safely and enjoy themselves. Unvaccinated students will be required to mask at indoor events. It is the College’s goal to provide as “normal” an experience as possible. Any safety guidelines, specific to activities and events, will be clearly communicated prior.

Residential Life

Members of the Thomas College community and their invited guests are expected to follow these policies while in campus residences.

Daily Screenings:

Residents will continue to self-screen daily. If symptomatic, the resident should remain in their room and contact the Health Center immediately and follow any corresponding directions.

Facial Coverings:

Fully vaccinated residents are not required to wear masks in the residences unless clearly communicated prior by the College.

Unvaccinated residents must always wear facial coverings/masks inside all residences. They may remove masks once inside their room if it is only them and/or their roommate present. If others are visiting, a mask is required to be worn.

Residence Guests:

All residence guests must be fully vaccinated, including family, and must be registered with Safety and Security prior to arrival. All must follow the guest protocols listed above.

Residential Common Spaces:

All common spaces in the residences will remain at “normal” capacity.

Check In to Housing:

Residents are asked to register for a move in time slot prior to arrival. This will help avoid large crowds and maintain campus safety. More information on this process will be sent to residents.

If I need to go off-campus and don’t have a car, will there still be transportation?

There will are periodic shuttles to take students to local stores, for more information please contact Michael Sales at

For More Information:


Thomas College Athletics has updated its 2022 Winter Spectator Policy. Read here.

Thomas College is committed to providing as close to “normal” an athletic experience throughout the year. Unvaccinated students will be required to mask during all athletic-related activities. Clear safety guidelines will be communicated to protect competitors and spectators. These guidelines may change throughout a season in response to changes in the pandemic and the policies of other schools. These will be clearly communicated to the student body prior.

Physical and Mental Health Services

Thomas College is committed to delivering a continuity of care in a safe environment. The following policies apply to students seeking physical and mental health services.

Health Center:

Vaccinated students will have all options for services: walk-in, appointment, or telehealth. Students may walk in unless directed otherwise. Unvaccinated students will need to make an appointment. All students will need to wear a mask when using the Health Center. All students should self-screen before arrival to Health Center. If experiencing any COVID or Upper Respiratory Symptoms – students should call health services BEFORE going to clinic.

Counseling Services:

Individual counseling services are available to students. Vaccinated students may select in-person, or they may use telehealth. Unvaccinated students will be limited to telehealth counseling appointments only. Students can call or email the counselor to schedule appointments. A private space will be reserved on campus for student telehealth counseling sessions. Additional counseling hours will be available to better meet student needs. Please contact Carol Jollotta, LCSW ( with questions.


Thomas College will continue to provide a full offering, de-densified dining experience that allows students to gather in a safe setting. Clear guidelines will be posted in each of the dining settings around campus. All students will be permitted to unmask while eating.