Common Read

The Thomas College Common Read is our invitation to join our academic community of individuals who share and explore ideas with each other.

2023 Common Read

The 2023 Common Read is Amanda Gorman’s poem presented at the 2021 presidential inauguration:

Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb | Genius

Note: This online version of the poem includes annotations for references to the US Constitution and US history.

About the Author

Amanda Gorman is an American poet, authoring two best-selling collections. She was the first National Youth Poet Laureate, the first youth poet to open the literary season for the Library of Congress, and the youngest inaugural poet. Gorman’s poetry and activism focus on oppression and marginalization, hope and resilience.

A video of Gorman reading at the inauguration is available on YouTube.

Common Read Instructions

After reading and reflecting on this year’s selection, we’d ask you to create a written response. During Fall Orientation, you will have an opportunity to discuss what you have written along with other students in your class. Your written response is due to the Provost’s office by Friday, August 4. For more information, click the button below.

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